Time Freedom & Inspiration

I think there’s a theme going on here… In just about every online group I am a part of, and on several Facebook pages I follow, people are talking about how they would live their lives differently if they were … Read More

A Tale Of Two Queens

This is a tale of two ancient queens – which example will you follow? Boudica was a Celtic queen in Britain whose husband willed that the kingdom should be left in the care of their two daughters after his death. … Read More

Every Business Is An Impact Business

The question is never ‘should you’ make an impact as a business leader, the question is what type of impact do you want to be making – positive or negative, unconscious or deliberate. Whether you realize it or not, every … Read More

Intention Versus Impact

It’s incredibly common for me to see people making excuses for another person’s (or their own!) harmful words or behavior on the basis of their ‘intention’. While I do think there’s a distinction between deliberately malicious versus neutral or even … Read More

Accommodating Disabilities

Last week, a friend and colleague of mine went into a job interview confident and excited about a new opportunity – and she came out crestfallen and upset. She called me right after the interview to share her experience: that nearly … Read More

Start Being Allies, Stop Being Thieves

White women: it’s time to start being allies, and stop being thieves. That may sound harsh, but so is the appropriation we’re profiting from. Our sisters of color deserve better than this, and it’s up to us to do better, … Read More

Gaining Mastery Over Your Thoughts

  Hmm… Exactly what does Dostoevsky have to do with manifestation? Ok, that’s a weird question. But I was a Russian major in college, and sometimes I find myself wondering what my academic past has to do with my present … Read More

Hiring An Intern? Read This First.

If you’re considering hiring an intern to work for you over the summer, there are a few key points to consider before making that decision. The common mythology about interns is that they are a magical solution to help you … Read More

Detox Is Bullshit

Sorry not sorry for the swears, but I’m ready to call shenanigans on one of the biggest (and most harmful) trends in the “wellness industry” – the detox. It’s not even December and I’m already seeing advertisements for all the … Read More

Are Illegal Immigrants Taking American Jobs?

After writing my previous post on the power of consumers to affect political events, as well as sharing my perspective in casual conversations, I have received a great deal of pushback to my last point: specifically, my beliefs that the American … Read More

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