Accommodating Disabilities

Last week, a friend and colleague of mine went into a job interview confident and excited about a new opportunity – and she came out crestfallen and upset. She called me right after the interview to share her experience: that nearly … Read More

Start Being Allies, Stop Being Thieves

White women: it’s time to start being allies, and stop being thieves. That may sound harsh, but so is the appropriation we’re profiting from. Our sisters of color deserve better than this, and it’s up to us to do better, … Read More

Hiring An Intern? Read This First.

If you’re considering hiring an intern to work for you over the summer, there are a few key points to consider before making that decision. The common mythology about interns is that they are a magical solution to help you … Read More

Empathy In Leadership

Developing your capacity for empathy is not only a desirable personal attribute – empathy in leadership, particularly vis-a-vis your business, is also a crucial component of your ongoing professional success. To illustrate what empathy looks like in the workplace, let … Read More