Emotional PMS Support

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Are you new around here? Looking for support discovering the first steps you can take on your journey to healing your emotional PMS the natural way? Although I do not offer ongoing, direct coaching outside the container of Bee Nourished, I do offer a one-time conversation to new visitors for $165.

How does it work? First you book your conversation, then I'll send you a questionnaire to get to know you better and learn about your experiences. I'll also send you the info you need to find me on the Voxer app.

Once I've received your connection request on Voxer and I've had a chance to read through the answers on your questionnaire, we'll start the clock on up to one hour of back-and-forth talk time, to unfold over the next seven days. I will be happy to discuss anything you're experiencing and to share my own experience in 'cracking the code' of my emotional PMS and healing it naturally.
Book Your First Conversation For $165  

are you ready to go deeper? ...

If you are ready to free yourself from the ravages of emotional PMS, I am so ready to support you! But there is a reason why I don't offer ongoing 1:1 coaching outside of Bee Nourished, and it's NOT because I don't love working with people individually. It's for one reason only: because I deeply believe, you CANNOT COMPLETELY HEAL in isolation. Community and connection is key to regulating your nervous system and feeling securely home in a human body on planet earth.

Note: If you're feeling shy or thinking, 'groups are just really not my jam' – I get it. My neurospicy self is not always comfortable in group settings and I can get easily overwhelmed. From focusing on creating bite-sized content to holding space for a flexible, 'choose your own communication style' interaction format (keep your camera off! or join us from your bed! we really don't care!), I built Bee Nourished with neurodiversity in mind.

Joining Bee Nourished is a $444 per month financial investment. If, in addition to the group container, you desire ongoing personal support via Voxer, you can upgrade your Bee Nourished membership for an additional $444 per month – that's a $888 total investment for community learning AND up to five hours per month of personal support.

You may also choose to start with the $444 Bee Nourished membership, and add a single hour of Voxer conversation at any time for just $165.

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