Safa Bee Wellness Doula

My name is Safa Bee Wesley...

I am a neurospicy urban garden witch, dreaming of the solarpunk future. I live with my husband Yunus, our son Musa, and a small tribe of rescue kitties (the cat distribution system has been generous).

Our family is currently striving to achieve escape velocity from South Florida; our dreams are pointing us northward to the Adirondacks, where we intend to build a permanent home base for ourselves and future generations of our family on the shores of beautiful Saranac Lake.

I am originally from Northern California, but spent my college years in Upstate New York, and I've been a world traveler ever since then.

Throughout my early adulthood I felt continually pulled in two directions – a powerful urge to explore every corner of this amazing planet, and another urge to make a nest and put my hands in the soil.

I have been blessed by the opportunities to travel around four continents and to meet amazing humans, landscapes, plants and animals along the way. Currently, however, my passions for community, regenerative agriculture and healing ourselves and the planet through slow living have all pointed me towards more of a rooted lifestyle in my matrescence than the nomadic way I lived as a younger and single woman.

rather than segmenting my life and passions into different websites...

... a travel blog here, a health coaching business there, a permaculture channel somewhere else ...

I've decided to create this website into a central holding ground for all the aspects of my story and my interests.

Here you will find my political and philosophical reflections, vignettes from more than a decade of my personal life, a record of my family's journey to build a heart-centered Sufi community, our process as we learn regenerative agriculture, and the information I am inspired to share as a wellness doula.

I am a multi-faceted, multi-passionate person, and so the materials you will find here will also vary in topic and tone.

Welcome to my world, I look forward to building community with you!

Where would you like to go next?