Hello Shiny Humans!

This page features a description of my entire vision for the Bee Nourished curriculum. Please note that I am currently running the first iteration as a Beta program, which starts with healing Emotional PMS / PMDD. After we have comprehensively addressed this topic, I will be adding additional modules to focus on other aspects of the human body, self-care and community care. I invite you to click here and join the Beta community immediately, and refer back to this page for the holistic vision. Everyone who joins the Beta community will be invited to remain a member of Bee Nourished at the Beta price for as long as their membership remains active!

welcome to bee nourished

This is a program for shiny humans who wish to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature and their bodies.

Together, we will embark on a journey to finding just the right knowledge, wisdom, ritual, and community connection you need to achieve your own rhythm and balance.

Are you ready to break free from a seemingly endless cycle of physical and emotional turbulance that is depleting you down to the marrow? Are you yearning to restore your physical, emotional, and spiritual health by living in accordance with natural rhythms and cycles?

If you answered 'yes' then Bee Nourished is the program for you!

After decades of struggling with my health, cycling through several rounds of burnout, exhaustion and healing, I finally cracked the code on several seemingly 'mysterious' symptoms and dialed in a common-sense approach to healing.

After a severe accident in my mid 30s, I had no other option than to apply the spiritual wisdom I had learned studying the path of Sufism for over a decade, and to increase my knowledge base of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in order to heal myself and get my life back on track.

It took me several years of learning and applying my knowledge to regain my health – and as a wellness doula, I now hold space for others to do the same.

I don’t want YOU to lose decades of your life trying to figure out how to heal yourself...

Which is why I created Bee Nourished, a program that distills what I have learned down to the simplest and most essential lifestyle changes you can make to bring your life back into alignment with the wisdom of nature, supporting you with practices to soothe your nervous system, restore physical and mental vitality, and ultimately to discover a place of balance, joy and abundance.

This is an ongoing membership program...

It was designed to walk you through information at a pace that is compatible with your already busy life.

You begin with an initial six month commitment, after which point you can choose to stay with us or leave the group. If you choose to stay, you will move to a monthly payment plan that you can leave at any time – but for maximum impact, I recommend engaging with the program for at least twelve months.

Twelve months may sound like a huge time commitment, but look at it this way: trying to ‘fast track’ every goal and swallow the ocean in a single gulp is part of what got you into this state of depletion and emotional overwhelm in the first place, isn’t it?

How about NOT being an overachiever for once, and let’s take a slow but steady walk together through several seasons of gentle reflection and realignment.

(Take a deep breath. It’ll be fun! I promise!)

I am a person who doesn’t want to just be told what to do, I also want to know why it’s important to do those things – and I am assuming your quick-thinking mind works the same way that mine does.

That’s why Bee Nourished is a mixture of theory and praxis, meaning we will combine teaching and information together with experiential practices for you to implement in your life. This is a community mastermind which includes opportunities to connect, give and receive support while you brainstorm and experiment with what works best for you.

By following the lifestyle changes you will learn in this program...

You will experience significant shifts in your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Modern society is founded on a value system that encourages linear, forward-driving energy at all times, and which expects everyone to show up as the same person with the same energy at any given time, in a way that is totally separated from and fails to account for the natural rhythms of our monthly and seasonal cycles (let alone our individual bodies, lifestyles, moods and personalities).

When we permanently jam our power switch into the 'on' setting, over time we are depleting our inner resources and throwing ourselves out of balance.

I want to see you with more energy and vitality during the times when you ‘need to be on’ – and I want your rest and relaxation to be deeper, more effective and guilt free. I want you to find pleasure in every aspect of your life, even washing the dishes and paying your bills!

You no longer have to live in a permanent state of emergency, operating from the hustle and anxiety that tax your physical health and emotional wellbeing.

By iterating through several cycles and seasons with support...

You will not only learn how to listen to the needs of your body in the moment, you will also learn how to look ahead and prepare for the inevitable cycles of your years and your life. By varying your workload, your dietary choices, your physical and social activities throughout the month and year, you can provide your body heart and soul with the care it craves and deserves.

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curious to know more about the content?

We will move together through six topical areas, or 'modules'.

Content unfolds non-linearly, so feel free to jump around and follow your inspiration.

module one

Body Knowledge: A Scientific Approach

Discussions will include the basic mechanics of the immune system, different phases of the menstrual cycle, the chemistry behind our moods, and the surprising role digestion plays in our brains and bodies.

module two

Body Wisdom: An Energetic & Elemental Approach

Topics will include understanding the Ayurvedic elemental model, mapping the biological phases of our cycle to the energy of these elements, and knowing how to recognize when the elements have become unbalanced in our bodies and how to nurture them back into harmony.

module three

A Deep Dive Into Healing With Nutrition

We will discuss using food as physical and emotional therapy (in a truly supportive way) by selecting the various combinations of foods, beverages and spices that best align with the season, your monthly cycle, and the unique needs of your own body. We will also get real about the ups and downs of common wellness fads, including supplements, detoxes and cleanses, as well as the siloed approaches to eating such as 'paleo' and 'raw food' diets – and the effects these choices can have on your unique body.

module four

Rewriting Our Approach to Movement and Rest

Our bodies have a totally different response to movement and rest depending on the time of the month, the seasons of the year, and the mindset we are bringing to our activities. Much of what we are taught in modern culture about 'exercise' is causing us more harm than good – and the same goes for our programming around rest. We will examine the misconceptions and discuss how we can find a restorative balance that includes movement and stillness.

module five

Grounding Into Our Humanity Through Ritual

Our modern lifestyle physically separates us from the natural world and its ever changing rhythms – daylight and darkness, phases of the moon, changing weather and temperatures, fresh air and soil – and this separation effects us biologically as well as emotionally, triggering conditions that range from disrupted sleep to anxiety to weakened immune systems to a general sense of dysphoria about our identity and our place in the universe. Together we will explore nature based rituals and spiritual practices that harmonize our bodies and keep us grounded in time and place.

module six

From Theory Into Praxis

All this information we will learn may be 'interesting' but it's not going to do any of us any good if we don't know how to implement it into our daily lives in real time. Making changes to how we eat, rest, work and play will impact not only your own life but how you show up in your family, in your relationships, and in your professional life. It will challenge the status quo and require courage, patience, planning and boundaries. We are holding space for the reality that all lasting change is iterative, and the ongoing brainstorming, 'trial and error' and community support you receive inside the container of Bee Nourished will be crucial for you in making healing shifts in your life.

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– Is This Program Right For You? –

Here Are Some Points To Ponder Before You Sign Up

bee nourished is a good fit for you if...

Whether or not you are using modern medicine to manage your symptoms...

...you know you also want to take the time to learn in depth about the interconnected facets of your health and how to support your body, heart and soul with nature-based habits. This is a space where we support everyone's privacy and their body sovereignty, and we refrain from soap-boxing our opinions, pressuring, or judging anyone else for their medical needs and decisions. 'You know what's best for you,' is our motto.

You are ready to challenge the status quo.

We are going to be questioning a lot of conventional wisdom about health, nutrition, exercise, societal expectations and how we define 'success' – and in the process, you are willing to keep an open mind and to experiment with what works best for you, personally. You're ready to re-write any rules that are holding you back from breaking free of your distress and healing your body, heart and soul.

You're ready to make a huge shift in the way you approach your personal and professional life.

You know that something's gotta give, but honestly you don't know where or how to start shifting your mindset and your lifestyle. All you know is that you can't keep pushing onward while riding this emotional rollercoaster any longer. (And if we're being honest, it feels like your 'inner hustle' has taken a permanent vacation, anyway.)

While you're ready to make yourself a priority, you're also committed to community.

We celebrate and make space for all bodies and we accommodate neurodiverse ways of learning and interacting. The bottom line is that we heal best when we heal together. The human nervous system regulates more efficiently together than alone, and our mind-body-heart connection is built to give and receive support and to find comfort in community. So - in service to our radical self love and also our radical commitment to repairing the network of humanity - we tap out and give ourselves alone time when needed, but we also check in and invest work into building community connection, recognizing that this is a growth edge for all of us.

You recognize that this work is not just about you.

While your life story may be unique, your patterns of emotional turmoil and burnout are extremely common - and doing the work to become self-aware and to caretake your cyclical, seasonal and evolving needs will have a direct impact on everyone in your family and your circle of friends, everyone who interacts with you in your professional life, and the overall collective consciousness that future generations incarnate with. You are well aware that this is profound, ancestral healing that needs to happen, and the impact is going to be personal, political, and spiritual.

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you've got questions? well, i've got answers...

This program warmly welcomes all humans who are interested in exploring their unique cyclical and seasonal health and lifestyle needs, and who are ready to learn how to care for their body ecosystem so that they can heal and restore themselves from the burnout caused by '24/7 hustle' culture.

The curriculum in this course was inspired by the need to heal the anguish of emotional PMS and PPMD.

However, due to the interconnectedness of our body's systems and the interplay between our bodies and the world around us, the course material quickly grew in scope – and it soon became clear that any humans with any bodies (regardless of your menstrual status) can benefit from the knowledge and practices in this course.

So if you want to remember how to nourish yourself and connect from a full cup rather than from a place of constant striving, self-sacrifice and depletion, then this program is perfect for you!

Yes, you can start or stop the program at any time. So if you're ready, jump on in!

There is a minimum commitment of six months. After that, the program can be started or stopped at any time. For maximum growth, I recommend you plan to engage with Bee Nourished for at least twelve months.

The lifestyle changes recommended within Bee Nourished represent a radically different approach to living from the linear, 'always driving forward' approach currently embraced by the dominant culture - i.e. historically European-dominated, industrialized late-stage Capitalism.

It is unrealistic to think you can make all the changes at once. You may find it is necessary to revisit the content many times, implementing the suggestions slowly, in order to take this program content from theory to praxis.

You are certainly welcomed to remain in the program beyond the first six or even first twelve months – stay as long as you continue to find the content and community to be supportive!

One component of this program is a continually evolving community discussion. The library of teaching material will grow over time, and will be delivered in a combination of live conversations (with or without video, your choice!), pre-recorded video, audio files and PDFs.

I recognize that there is a gap between the current state of my website and content that is fully optimized for accessibility, and I aim to improve this over time. If you have specific access or learning needs, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

When you join Bee Nourished, you will be invited to a private Discord group where you can connect with other community members who are walking through a similar growth process.

We will also have live community events via video conversation (Zoom or similar, I'm still searching for a better platform) - cameras are always optional.

You are welcomed to move through the ever-growing library of material on your own schedule, but there is also a community component to this program which does flow along with the river of time and cannot be recaptured once it's gone – so you are encouraged to keep in contact with the group and to interact as much as you are comfortable with.

By interacting with the group, you will be contributing to the creation of a more supportive environment, which also means you will be *receiving* more support through interaction as well.

If you join the baseline membership of Bee Nourished, which is $1650 for the first six months and $165 per month after that, you will have access to me in the community discussions in Discord, as well as during live video conversations.

If you would also like to be supported in private conversation with me, you can add $845 per month as a separately billed membership, and you will also receive up to five hours of talk time with me per month via Voxer.

This is an extremely helpful added benefit if you would like to receive personal guidance through the course material, if you'd like to talk through your process of customizing the ideas to best work for your body and lifestyle needs, or you're in need of connection and emotional support on your journey to wellness.

Everything that reasonably *can* be recorded, *will* be recorded and added to an ever-growing content library, which you can access 24/7 on your own schedule.

However! If you notice that you are consistently finding yourself 'too busy' for every live community event, it's probably time to recognize that you may be hitting up against some resistance, and reach out for support (in the group or by investing in 1:1 Voxer support).

Absolutely not. There is no pressure and no coercion in this group. You are warmly encouraged to participate at whatever level feels right for you.

Absolutely yes! You are welcomed to interact and respond as much as you have the time and interest in doing.

Yeah, I totally get it. In fact, this course is literally designed for people who are probably doing #ALLtheThings ... and part of the curriculum is going to include learning how (and why) to say 'NO' to some of those things, and to make space for your much needed R.E.S.T. and F.U.N.

But everybody's life circumstances and personal growth styles are different, so this course is designed with flexibility. You can give the program exactly as much time as you want and need to give it – and you can come back to the material later if you are not able to assimilate everything at once!

Access to the Bee Nourished community mastermind is $1650 for the first six months, then $165 per month to continue on with the group as long as you'd like. That price includes group support only.

If you already *know* you want to receive individualized support in addition to the group container, you can also sign up for the $845 per month membership, which is billed separately and includes up to five hours per month of private conversations with me via Voxer.

I also offer pop-up Voxer support to Bee Nourished community members, which is offered at $165 for an hour of conversation – a great choice if you need support for a single issue that is arising, or if you want to test out the Voxer format and make sure it's a good fit for you before you sign up for ongoing conversations.

I am so glad that you are enthusiastic about the program content! However, I ask you to please keep in mind that this course material reflects several years of learning, as well as significant energy and love to compile and design the program. Please respect the labor and intellectual energy that went into creating this program, and invite people to join the community rather than sharing the content directly.

It's also worth mentioning that community connection is an integral component of the Bee Nourished program, so your loved one will benefit more from joining the community mastermind than by consuming standalone program material - and our community will benefit from their presence!

When you sign up for the Bee Nourished group, you pay $1650 as a single price for six calendar months of access to the group. There will be no cancellations accepted and no refunds given. After the first six months, you will be invited to stay in the group for an additional $165 per month, which you can continue as long as you like, or cancel at any time. You alone are responsible for keeping track of when your membership payment is automatically charged, and you are responsible for canceling your membership if you should decide to leave the program. Once your current membership month expires, you will lose access to the curriculum and community spaces. There will be no refunds given for 'unused group time' or partial months.

Similarly, if you sign up for private discussion via Voxer, you will be charged a monthly fee of $845 per month for up to five hours of talk time per month. You can cancel this subscription at any time. You alone are responsible for keeping track of when your membership payment is automatically charged, and you are responsible for canceling your membership if you should decide to end Voxer support. There will be no refunds given for 'unused talk time' or partial months.



how much does it cost to join the program?

Access to the Bee Nourished community mastermind is $1650 for the first six calendar months, then $165 per month for as long as you'd like to continue. That price includes group support only.

If you already *know* you want to receive individualized support in addition to the group container, you can invest an additional $845 per month for direct, 1:1 support via Voxer.

I also offer pop-up Voxer support to Bee Nourished community members, which is offered at $165 for an hour of conversation – a great choice if you need support for a single issue that is arising, or if you want to test out the Voxer format and make sure it's a good fit for you before you sign up for ongoing conversations.

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– This Is Really Important –

The 'Why' Behind My 'No Cancellations, No Refunds' Policy

Bee Nourished is a group experience...

It is an investment in your healing and self-care which will eventually pay dividends back to you, in both your personal quality of life as well as in how you are able to show up for your loved ones and community. It’s an invitation to learn, reflect, connect, explore, and transform, in a loving and supportive group experience. The only way we can craft a container of safety and support is by building a program full of members who are confident and committed to the collective evolution as well as to themselves. This is why we are making a deliberate decision not to hold space for people to treat the program as a trial version. We are enrolling people who recognize that their participation has a ripple effect on other group members – and on the world as a whole.

The value of this investment can only be measured by what you decide to receive...

By 'investment' we do not simply mean the financial transaction, we also mean the time, sincerity and attention you give to the program. If you engage with everything 'Bee Nourished' has to offer – all the meditations, teachings, handouts, worksheets, group discussions and office hours – you will experience profound shifts in your wellbeing. This program offers knowledge, a framework for implementing that knowledge, and a supportive community, but the responsibility for what you get out of all of this belongs to you and you alone.

Going 'all in' sometimes means calling yourself on your own shenanigans...

Any time we commit to doing transformative work, we are going to hit some form of resistance. That resistance might look like 'not having time' for the program, feeling emotionally activated or challenged by a teaching or a conversation in the group, or possibly even feeling too overwhelmed (or the mask for overwhelm, which often looks like boredom or avoidance). Whenever our 'stuff' comes up, it's instinctive to make it be about something on the outside – but the truth is, there's always something to be gained by examining what is coming up for us on the inside, by giving ourselves the time to explore it deeply and the patience to work through it to resolution. This is a program for people who are committed to a radical re-working of their lifestyle and who are willing to face and move through the discomforts that transformation can sometimes create – because your curiosity and devotion to your brighter future are so much bigger than your temporary manifestation of resistance!

how would your life change if ...

...the intensity of your physical and emotional swings are dialed WAY back to manageable levels?

You are no longer taking extended bathroom breaks at work to silently ugly-face-cry it out in a toilet stall; you're no longer abandoning your half-full shopping cart in the aisle at the grocery store because you had to dash out the door in a fit of gasping overwhelm to seek refuge in your car; you're no longer anesthetizing your anguish by swan diving into bed to spend hours watching Netflix and eating nothing but ice cream for dinner. Instead you experience a comfortable and healthy range of emotions, and you give yourself the time, space and grace to work through the feelings that do arise.

...friendships, romance, and your career were no longer compromised by unpredictable waves of energy and emotion?

Your deadlines and social commitments are driven by the needs of your body, heart, and soul – and not the other way around. During your down time, your email goes unchecked and your devices are powered down, all without one drop of anxiety or guilt. You rest deeply into the knowledge that the time you take for self care is also time invested into your priorities: the quality of your work is far more creative and efficient when you are pouring from a full cup, and your relationships are far more healthy when the emotional bumps have been smoothed out and you're able to move through your days with honest self-reflection, conversation and requests for support.

...you have a new appreciation for your miraculous body, and the wonder of natural rhythms and cycles?

You have developed a loving and nurturing presence that begins with the radical care you give to yourself, and which acknowledges and embraces all parts of you in your completeness. There are no longer parts of your physical and emotional self that are being neglected until they start screaming to get your attention. You move with gratitude through the cycles of your month and the seasons of your year with complimentary investments into vitality and rest, inner reflection and outer productivity. Although your energy on any given day may be varied, overall your professional contributions and personal relationships have been elevated.

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