it's time for you – and your programs – to bee visible

You're not doing the world any favors by remaining the 'best kept secret' in your industry.

It's not just blind self confidence that has convinced you the work you provide is transformational. This is the feedback you've been receiving from clients literally for years – and you've seen the tremendous growth and breakthroughs they've experienced firsthand. There's no doubt that the medicine you carry is powerful.

Here's the frustrating (and sometimes painful) irony – even though you KNOW in the core of your being that your genius is the real deal, you're still struggling to book private clients or to hit your program enrollment targets – every. single. time. you launch an offer... which leaves you smacking your forehead and shouting, 'Why? WHY?'

After all, you've been following the hottest online branding gurus, you've downloaded every freebie this side of the moon, and you've spent countless hours reverse-engineering the content you've seen social media influencers pumping out month after month.

All the 'vulnerability shares' and the self-deprecating humor, the fired up political posts and the tireless parade of selfies have earned you a devoted following. You get plenty of engagement on everything you share. But when it comes time for people to sign on to work with you, it's a chorus of crickets, or a slow trickle of sign-ups at best.

This is not merely a problem for your business plans, this is a huge loss for the people whose lives you know would be impacted for the better, if only they'd take the leap and get started working with you.

The world can't wait any longer for your work to go supernova!

The interwebs are chock-a-block full of vague and conflicting advice on how to describe your work and convert your audience into clients.

And then there's the emotional baggage many of us carry about 'making sales' – in an effort to avoid being sleazy or pushy, it's not uncommon for people to veil their words with gossamer winged butterflies and expect their audience to connect the dots.

You might be communicating poetically about the journey you take people on, but did you present your potential clients with a precise roadmap that pinpoints exactly where they are now, and where they will end up after working with you?

Nobody's got the extra time and energy to spend chasing butterflies or going on a scavenger hunt through your posts, trying to figure out what service you offer and whether it's something they need and would be willing to pay for.

There's also the 'burn factor' to consider – the number of times an attraction magnet has charged thousands of dollars for a program sold purely on the basis of the emotional punch they packed into their glamorous photos or enviable lifestyle posts, only to serve up a platter of sweet nothings once the credit cards have been swiped.

If your potential client is still trying to figure out what the heck they paid for the last time they made an investment in their growth, chances are they're not going to be ready to commit to another offer just to 'be in your energy'. Even if YOU know the results you provide would be life changing for them, you need to communicate that knowledge in a clear and convincing way if you want to earn your client's confidence.

What can you do about this roadblock standing between you and your success?

I'm not trying to be cute here, but the solution is surprisingly simple: all it takes is direct, clear communication.

It requires knowing precisely who you serve (and who is not a good fit for your offers), exactly what it is you do for them, and why you are the best person for them to receive help from. And as long as you are being honest, there's nothing sleazy or pushy about the sales process – in fact, you're doing your clients a favor when you make your offers without mincing words.

Think about it this way...

Imagine you're walking down the street in a new city, and you're powerfully hungry.

Would you prefer to see a bunch of windowless buildings that say something super vague like, 'come on in, we've got great stuff behind this door' only to find you've walked into a bookstore, or a hair salon, or a violin repair shop?

Or would it feel super frustrating to keep choosing the wrong door to walk through while your hunger continues to grow?

This is why most storefronts have glass windows facing the sidewalk, and they have the good sense to clearly label the business inside: because visibility in your business is not just about your ability to make sales, it's also about helping your clients know how to receive exactly the support they need.

If you're standing there hungry on the sidewalk, rather than guessing where to go next, wouldn't it be so much easier to read a sign that says 'restaurant' and know you're heading directly into a business that offers you exactly what you need, the moment you're in need of it?

Now imagine you have special dietary concerns, like a food allergy or a type of restriction. Wouldn't you appreciate the precision of knowing which restaurant offers vegan or gluten free options, rather than walking into a hamburger joint or an old fashioned bakery?

Clear, precise language is the key to selling with integrity.

This is the reason why I have created Bee Visible, Level One: Sales Copywriting.

It's the exact process I use with my private coaching clients, broken down into four easy-to-follow modules that unfold over the course of eight weeks.

This program is for you if you already know your offer is FIRE (based on the results you've seen), and you're starting this course confused about why you don't currently have a waiting list of clients who are beating down your door to work with you.

By the end of this course, you're going to have perfect clarity about:

–Which people you are best suited to working with, based on their readiness to receive support from you

–The surprisingly simple ways to get your message in front of them (NO, I don't mean paid advertisements)

–Exactly why they need support, and what 'starting place' they'll be in when they walk through your door

–The specific results they will experience after completing a program or a coaching package with you

–What qualifies you to take your clients on a transformational journey with you

–How to weave this information into marketing messages that convert into sign-ups with ease (and weed out the 'tire kickers')

are you ready to jump into bee visible?

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curious to know more about the content?

We will move together through four sequential modules.

We will spend two weeks learning & discussing each module.

module one

Identifying Your Client Avatar

The goal here is to identify with precision exactly who your services are meant for, what language your potential clients are using to describe their needs, and how your services will transform your clients' lives. This is the foundation you need to succeed with all future marketing efforts.

module two

Charting Your Client Journey

In this module, we will build on the work we completed with your Avatar to begin identifying the building blocks of your marketing messages. I will also begin teaching you my tried-and-true method for becoming a master of organization, allowing you to repurpose your writing so that you can track and share your messages efficiently, without sounding like a broken record.

module three

Describing Your Offer With Clarity

Surprisingly, this can be the trickiest part of the whole process for my clients – maybe because we are inundated with messages telling us we need to be coy about the sales process, or maybe because it's so close to us we can't see the forest for the trees. In this module, you will learn how to communicate just the right amount of information your clients need to feel confident in your expertise, and clear that that your services are the bridge between where they are now and where they desire to be, without becoming overwhelmed with the details.

module four

Weaving Together the Perfect Sales Copy

In this module, we take all the pieces we worked on in Modules One – Three and weave them together into sales copy that inspires and converts! You will leave this module with several pieces of solid writing that can be used on landing pages, in blogs, newsletters and social media – and you will have gained the know-how to continue generating powerful copy that communicates the value of your services with clarity and personality.

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Prefer to make monthly payments?
– Is This Program Right For You? –

Here Are Some Points To Ponder Before You Sign Up

bee visible is a good fit for you if...

You are already in business as a fully online or hybrid online / in-person service provider.

This is a program designed for people who already have successful experiences providing transformative work for their clients. If you aren't quite sure what you offer or whether 'it really works' for your clients, I'd love to welcome you into this program once you have clarity on those points.

Your primary clients are individuals, not corporations or large organizations.

This program is designed to help you create a friction-free sales process that connects you with the individuals, solopreneurs and small business owners whose personal or professional lives will be transformed by your support. Pitching your services to decision makers within a large entity with an annual budget is a whole different animal – and while I do have experience in marketing biz dev for corporations, that's not what we're doing in this program.

You're ready to approach this process with a beginner's mindset.

You may have heard about - or even tried - a similar approach to this copywriting process. If it didn't yield the results you desired or expected the first time around, it's possible that the process you learned elsewhere needs to be refined, tweaked, or approached with more tenacity. This is a program for people who bring the attitude of 'try and try again' – who are willing to accept feedback and compose second and third drafts in pursuit of ... chef's kiss ... *muah* ... perfection!

You are totally 'over it' when it comes to figuring this all out by yourself.

You are ready to join a powerful group of soulful entrepreneurs who know it's time to play full out: because when it comes to getting your gifts into the world, there's simply no more time to lose! You want to learn a tried-and-true process to describe your gifts in clear, precise messaging that converts, and you know that when it comes to accelerating your learning process, community is everything. Even if you’re an introvert and prefer to spend time alone, this is one group call you will want to be on. We’ll be going deep and connecting dots in a way that can only happen when the group heart expands the energy field and is gathered together toward a common purpose.

However, you are not looking for a done-for-you copywriting service.

There are several amazing copywriters in my circle of friends and colleagues – if you are looking for someone to do the work for you, feel free to send me a message, I would be happy to send you referrals. Please sign up for this program if you are ready and willing to do the homework assigned each week, and you're prepared to compose your own content.

Prefer to make one single payment?
Prefer to make monthly payments?

you've got questions! well, i've got answers...

This is a program designed for people who already have successful experiences providing transformative work for their clients. If you aren't quite sure what you offer or whether 'it really works' for your clients, I'd love to welcome you into this program once you have clarity on those points.

I only teach this program to one cohort per year, so if you know this program is right for you, I encourage you to take the leap and sign up!

Whenever you enroll, you will be welcomed to begin the program at the start of the next year's cohort.

The 2022 group begins on July 6th!

Here is our exact schedule for 2022:

July 6th = Welcome & Module One Teaching Call

July 13th = Drop-In Office Hours & Spot Coaching

July 20th = Module Two Teaching call

July 27th = Drop-In Office Hours & Spot Coaching

August 3rd = Module Three Teaching Call

August 10th = Drop-In Office Hours & Spot Coaching

August 17th = Module Four Teaching Call

August 24th = Drop-In Office Hours & Spot Coaching

August 31st = Final Call: Read Your Copy & Celebrate!

All calls are scheduled for 3:30-5:00 pm Eastern time (GMT -4)

We will have our live calls on Zoom, which will be recorded and made available to the class. Additional teaching material will be made available through Google Docs and/or downloadable PDFs.

The program will last for eight weeks. Live calls will be held via Zoom. We will alternate between teaching weeks and optional 'office hours' weeks where you can drop in and ask any questions you may have about your process. All calls will be recorded and made available to the group. You will also have unlimited interaction with your cohort during the eight-week program.

You are welcomed to move through the program curriculum on your own schedule, but there is also a community component to this program which does flow along with the river of time and cannot be recaptured once it's gone – so you are encouraged to keep pace with the group and to interact as much as you are comfortable with.

By interacting with the group, you will be contributing to the creation of a more supportive environment, which also means you will be receiving more support through interaction as well. As with many things in life, you will receive in proportion to your commitment to the program.

In addition to the calls in which I deliver your curriculum, I will offer optional twice-monthly group coaching live on Zoom, where you can drop in and receive support if you so desire. The coaching calls will be recorded and made available to the group in case anyone is unable to attend live.

You are more than welcomed (encouraged, in fact!) to pair your participation in 'Bee Visible' with a 1:1 private coaching package. Your options include investing in a 3-session 'jumpstart' or a twelve-week direct coaching module – whatever feels right for your needs and your budget!

We will be using a private Facebook group as the forum for community interaction.

All calls will be recorded, and everyone will receive access to the recording whether they attended the calls or not. Often it happens that other people are facing the same dilemmas as ourselves, so you are encouraged to (re)watch the spot coaching discussions even if you missed the call.

If you notice that you are consistently finding yourself 'too busy' for the calls, it's probably time to recognize that you may be hitting up against some resistance, and reach out for support (in the Facebook group or by investing in a 1:1 coaching package).

Absolutely not. There is no pressure and no coercion in this group. You are warmly encouraged to participate at whatever level feels right for you.

Absolutely yes! You are welcomed to interact and respond as much as you have the time and interest in doing.

This is an eight-week program with two different payment options. The full program cost is $1,650.

You can choose to make three payments of $550, or you can choose to pay your tuition in a single payment of $1,650.

You'll notice that there's NO markup on the payment plan, because... I am not a bank, and I don't charge interest (yuck). So feel free to pick whichever option works best for you!

Other than these two payment options, there are no discounts or refunds given.

I am so glad that you are enthusiastic about the program content! However, I take intellectual property seriously, and I ask that you do the same.

It was a carefully considered point whether to make all the content downloadable, and for various reasons (including my desire for you to have the ability to refresh yourself on this content as many times as you need throughout your life), I decided to go ahead and make it easy for you to save the content locally.

However, I am totally aware that 'easy to save' also means 'easy to share' – and so I am trusting all participants to be in full integrity, keeping in mind that this course material reflects several years of learning and professional development, as well as significant energy and love to compile and design the program.

I invite you to share this sales page with anyone who expresses an interest in joining the program.

Beloved, there was something that attracted you to this program and convinced you to say 'yes!' to registering – and I invite you to trust the part of you that knew you needed what this program has to give.

Whatever your reasons are for changing your mind after beginning the program, I encourage you to reach out to the community and be radically honest. There's a chance you're hitting a block, or some resistance that can be cleared with a simple conversation or a new perspective. Give yourself the chance to lean into community and move through whatever is coming up for you.

It's also possible that this is the right program at the wrong time – in which case, I encourage you to take advantage of your lifetime access to this course material, and come back to it with new eyes in the future.

Whatever your reasons, it's important that we are clear: once you have registered for 'Bee Visible', there are no refunds given.



how much does it cost to join the program?

This is an eight week program with two different payment options.


The full program cost is $1,650.

You can choose to make three payments of $550, or you can choose to pay your tuition in a single payment of $1,650.

You'll notice that there's NO markup on the payment plan, because... I am not a bank, and I don't charge interest (yuck).

So feel free to pick whichever option works best for you!

Other than these two payment options, there are no discounts or refunds given.

Prefer to make one single payment?
Prefer to make monthly payments?