hello, i'm safa bee...

I'm a corporate escapee on a mission to trailblaze the conscious economy. I teach social changemakers how to decolonize their magic, restore their wellbeing, and create alignment between the impact of their business and their progressive intentions.

I dream of seeing the next generation of rebel leaders serving and receiving from a place of deep abundance.

When it comes to Sustainable Leadership, I make sure to follow my own advice, balancing my coaching and course development with a healthy dose of sunshine.

I currently live in South Florida, where I am building an urban permaculture farm with my husband, son, and four capricious kitties. If I ever go missing, look for me in the garden. I'll be planting the revolution, one carrot at a time!

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Globally Minded Locally Rooted

femme-forward changemakers

My mission is to elevate leaders who are globally minded and locally rooted. I provide comprehensive strategy, mentorship and resources designed to ignite your creative spark, restore your sacred healing connection to the earth's rhythms and elements, and rise up inspired, nourished, and ready to step into your role as a changemaker.

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real talk with safa bee

Consider this your resource for exploring personal stories and unfiltered opinions about the issues facing awakened women leaders – the challenges we have overcome, the places we are still falling short, and our opportunities for using entrepreneurship as a vehicle for personal growth and massive social change.

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the bee elevated mastermind

A yearlong program designed to restore you, body and soul, so you can rebuild the inner resources you need to stand in your leadership as an awakened woman.

We'll spend the year dual-tracking your physical and spiritual healing, helping you tap into the earth's natural rhythms and your body's innate wisdom, allowing you to experience maximum vitality and embodied pleasure – all while taking your work as a changemaker to the next level!

Discover what it feels like to live with your cup full to the brim, and to give joyfully from the overflow.

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