hello, i'm safa bee...

I'm a neurospicy permaculture witch, helping shiny humans live in harmony with the rhythms of nature and their bodies.

After decades of suffering through increasingly terrible menstrual symptoms, I finally cracked the code on the exact combination of supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle changes I needed to make to heal my hormones and my body. I am now living free from the extreme anguish of my former PPMD, and I'm no longer snowed under by physical symptoms that left me paralyzed in bed for days each month. My current mission? Sharing everything I learned in this process, with the hope that my experiences can support anyone walking the same road.

I currently live in South Florida, where I am building an urban permaculture farm with my husband, our homeschooled son, and our four capricious kitties. If I ever go missing, look for me in the garden. I'll be there, planting the revolution, one carrot at a time!

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I spent literally decades suffering on a roller coaster of intense emotions that peaked and crashed with my menstrual cycles. It took me years of research to figure out exactly how to heal my body so that I could be free from the suffering and disruption my cycle was causing me. My hope is that I can transfer my knowledge and experience to you, so we can collapse your learning curve and see you thriving as quickly as possible. Why spend years reinventing the wheel? Schedule a check-in with me and let's discuss what you're going through!

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Consider this your resource for exploring all the topics you need to know on how your menstrual cycle works, how you can free yourself from the emotional rollercoaster of mood swings, cyclical exhaustion and physical discomfort, and how we can best support each other as a community and society that respects the rhythms of nature and our bodies.

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the bee nourished community mastermind

A community program designed to restore you, body and soul, so you can rebuild the inner resources you need to live a healthy and balanced life.

We'll spend the year dual-tracking your physical and spiritual healing. By tapping into the earth's natural rhythms and your body's innate wisdom, you can fine tune the self-care practices your unique body is craving, allowing you to experience maximum vitality.

Discover what it feels like to live with your cup full to the brim, and to wake up each day with the knowledge that you are thriving!

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